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Leo Mesa, CFP

Bio | Up-Close

Leo was born in Cuba where his father Alberto worked for the Cuban government prior to Fidel Castro’s takeover. Once Castro seized control in 1961 when Leo was just a young boy, there was a strong possibility of Leo’s father being jailed or killed. Fearing for his family’s welfare, Alberto decided to relocate his family to Miami. Leo attended elementary school, high school and college in Miami and takes great pride in being an American citizen, a Miami native and in his Cuban heritage.

Leo is a proud father of five sons ranging in ages 14 to 30 years. They are: Andre (married to Jeannine), Sergio, Andrew, Matthew and Brian.


A proud day in the Mesa family; Graduation day for Andre Mesa, Leo’s son. Leo was behind the camera taking a picture of his son Andre along with grandparents Alberto and Hilda, Leo’s Father and Mother. This is a special event they will never forget. This day is priceless.


Leo is an avid tennis player and has played the sport spanning two decades. It’s safe to say that Leo takes the sport seriously and is a very good tennis player. Leo believes that the successful strategies for the game of tennis also apply to his professional life. ~ Leo Mesa