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Daniel M. Toole
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Dan brings a strong appreciation of family and generational values to his work at Arbor Capital. Married, with four children, the Tooles and extended family converge at the family cottage throughout the summer. This gives the family the opportunity to communicate, interact, and understand different generations from Baby Boomers to Millennials. While the older generation will may tell stories of their grandfather wearing a hole in the carpet from pacing during the Great Depression, the younger generation is more focused on the opportunities of the future. The stories are humbling and reminds him that each person views life and events differently, has unique goals, and is searching for customized solutions to help meet their unique investment needs.

The fulfillment and joy that Dan gets from helping others achieve their goals has been reflected in his personal life from a very early age. He always participated as a player in team sports, including both football and hockey. As an adult, he continued fueling his passion as a hockey coach for over six seasons with the Junior Sabres hockey organization.

While coaching hockey is extremely fun for Dan, he says that its biggest appeal is about helping the team achieve its goal. For the coach, a sports season is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, where everything is scattered at the beginning. As the season progresses, the coach helps fit the players together so the individual pieces all become part of the bigger picture. Helping clients realize individual investment goals is similar to properly placing the pieces of a different puzzle together until the final picture emerges.