Gerald T. Cole, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Lawrence T. McGowan

President & CEO

The Arbor Capital Story


“We Believed We Could Make a Difference”

We started Arbor Capital Management over 25 years ago for one reason … “We Believed We Could Make a Difference”. We felt that the investment management model in the US for the most part had become too complicated and confusing for most investors. It seemed you couldn’t tell who was a broker, financial advisor, a fee based financial advisor or wealth capital management firm without a scorecard. We knew there was a better way. Based on that belief, we created Arbor Capital Management to be an independent wealth management firm that would specialize in providing a combination of financial growth and wealth preservation services to investors with financial assets ranging from five hundred thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. We would focus on wealth preservation and growth as well as on relationships, clarity, service and performance. Our clients would include high net worth individuals, family businesses, investors approaching retirement and institutions. We would provide asset management services on a fee only basis without any outside influence. That was true when we started Arbor Capital Management and it is still true today.