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Gerald T. Cole, CFA

Bio | Up-Close

Jerry is a man for all reasons. He enjoys activities that inspire him to analyze processes while continually learning and experiencing all he can. He has a number of interests that entail: woodworking, gardening, cooking, scuba diving and photography.

Cooking: “Cooking for friends and family is like enjoying a symphony together. It creates an experience of aroma, taste and colors that enhances the senses as well as bonding people together. It’s been proven by many studies that cooking also provides a professional and personal life balance.”

Woodworking: Jerry believes that woodworking enables him to express himself while being grounded in this wonderful traditional artistic endeavor. He is continually creating woodworking projects, ” I love doing something that requires a great amount of thought and detail. When it comes to woodworking you have to be dedicated to the art and the outcome.”


Scuba diving: One of Jerry’s favorite activities is scuba diving. “The Ocean is a place that requires thorough knowledge of the surrounding environment yet it’s always changing, so being able to process information quickly while being prepared can help in making the right decisions at the right time.”


Photography: “Although I’m still learning, to me photography is all about photographing beautiful, inspirational images and then sharing them with others. Photos are also great topics of conversation. I also feel it helps in communication as well as building relationships.” ~Gerald T. Cole