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Beth Eustace

Bio | Up-Close

Beth has a stylish hobby, decorating dollhouses. As depicted in the pictures, Beth creates beautiful dollhouses from the inside out. It all started in 1994 when she received a dollhouse kit as a gift and she’s been building dollhouses ever since.

Beth takes her dollhouse building and decorating seriously and attends classes a few times a month near Chautauqua, NY. She has become so proficient at this craft that she has been asked to teach classes in electrical wiring because of her adeptness, talent and extreme attention to detail. Currently, five different dollhouses are receiving the intricate skills of Beth.

“When creating a dollhouse, my goal is to make things appear as realistic as possible; creating a dollhouse for a certain time period is exciting but it’s imperative to pay attention to every detail. When creating a dollhouse electrical system, being meticulous proves necessary.”

“Recently I found a doll house in a yard sale. I stripped the dollhouse down to a shell with the use of miniature power tools and I remodeled the outside – taking down attached porches, constructing pillars and adding brick. I then built the interior walls adding wiring to them and began the decorating process.”


Beth enjoys the many friends she has made that share her passion for making and decorating dollhouses. “I love the classes because of what I learn but I also enjoy the social side as well.” These classes/social events include overnight stays and touring nearby areas together with her old friends and new found friends as well.”


Beth’s current projects are a farm house, a Victorian house, Georgian house, Arts and Crafts house and a gas station. She performs lots of research in order to design and detail both the interiors and exteriors. She also studies time periods, furnishings of a particular era and color schemes. Beth is so innovative that she had created her own furnishings when she was unable to locate specific furnishings. She takes her time in getting every detail “just right” in allowing others to see her dream of dollhouses.

Beth maintains a consistent methodology in the way she works on every dollhouse. “The process I use includes formal research, determining necessary building techniques, construction entailing the interior and exterior, wiring and lastly, decorating with detailed accessorizing.”

“I find it very interesting that the attributes that are imperative for building dollhouses are the same ones needed for being a compliance officer. They are: Meticulousness, Detail Orientation, Patience, being Process driven and Perserverance.” ~Beth Eustace